Mysha Green

Mysha is a co-founder of Iron Alley and a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer. She has been a personal trainer since 2015 and worked in a variety of settings, running both one on one and group personal training. Mysha has worked with a wide range of clients, stemming from young up-and coming powerlifters, clients with weight loss goals, as well as third-age clients looking to build strength. She holds additional certifications in Trigger Point Mobility and Inclusive Fitness Training for those with physical mobility limitations. Mysha has trained as a powerlifter and has competed in multiple powerlifting competitions, taking home two gold medals and an overall top women's lifter award. 

 Mysha is now a mother and always has her two sons at the gym with her. She has adapted to training women looking to get strong and perform well in daily life. She tries to share the concept of caring for what you can do with your body, and gaining confidence through that.

Kevin Green

Kevin is a co-founder of Iron Alley and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. He has been a personal trainer since 2016 after a successful ten year career in banking. Kevin's passion for fitness comes from his own personal transformation, and now he works to help others find the same success as he did. With several modalities under his belt, such as Rockblade, Therapeutic Fascial Mobility, and the Orthopedic Exercise Specialization,  he is able to successfully rehabilitate clients and get them working on new goals that they never expected to conquer. In his personal time, Kevin has built a lifestyle brand called Fit United, that he uses as a medium to share what he has learned through his curiosity with movement and exercise, as well as unite individuals through fitness regardless of any barriers they encounter. 

Anna Stelmach


Anna is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She began her journey in personal training in 2013, before branching out to create her own company, Annamal Fitness, in 2015. Anna prides herself in making fitness fun and approachable for individuals of all ages and experiences. Her goal is to empower those she works with to hone their own strength and break through barriers to success, creating humans that are #strongerfasterhardertokill. As a lifelong student, Anna has also received certification as a TRX Qualified Trainer and Trigger Point. 

In her free time, Anna loves to train in a mixed powerbuilding style, combining the benefits and enjoyment of both bodybuilding and powerlifting. When Anna isn't in the gym you can find her exploring the outdoors with her dogs, camping, or putting her muscles to good use on her dirt bike. 


Lesley Wu

Lesley is a personal trainer certified with the BCRPA. He has been training for several years and takes pride in providing his clients personal programs that are adapted to their individual goals. He hold high standards for each session and will never waste a minute of training. Lesley wants all clients to solidify a routine through fitness that will provide longevity and happiness for life! 


Ali Martinez

Ali's passion for health & wellness started 6 years ago and has continued to evolve since her own fitness journey began. She prides herself on being a student of life, obsessed with learning the latest and most effective ways to produce results for her clients. She have a program suited for people of all fitness levels. Her philosophy to fitness is "applied knowledge is power." Ali wants to equip her clients  with the fundamentals they'll need to maintain an active, balanced and sustainable lifestyle. her style of training includes, positive reinforcement, and tough love. Ali specializes in weight loss transformations.